Landscape contractors now have enhanced flexibility when it comes to their lighting jobs thanks to the latest LED solution from Kichler. The company expands its arsenal of energy-saving landscape solutions with the introduction of the Design Pro LED Hardscape, Deck, Step and Bench accent light. Utilizing unmatched LED technology, this new patent-pending solution is an ultra-efficient way to light retaining walls, columns, fences, bridges, decks, steps, handrails and a variety of other outdoor applications.

With a slim 2/3-inch profile and a low heat output, these versatile linear fixtures can be installed on virtually any surface, including wood. And since they hard-mount with just two screws, they also offer easy installation. For hardscape applications, two types of accessory brackets allow for mounting on flat ledges and vertical surfaces. This fixture can accommodate all varieties of retrofit and new-build applications.  

Each and every component of the low-voltage LED system is designed for optimal performance. The fixtures not only use 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent/halogen lighting, but illuminate outdoor areas just as they were intended with a pure, warm, white light. The long life of LED, coupled with an unprecedented 15-year residential-use warranty on LED components, keeps maintenance to a minimum.

“We recognize that outdoor areas, no matter what their size or design, present a variety of lighting needs and challenges,” said Jack Miller, Kichler senior product manager. “We designed this line for maximum flexibility. It allows contractors to efficiently light even the tightest spaces, and gives his homeowner customer the benefit of low maintenance. When you install a fixture in stone or concrete or under stairs or bridges, you don’t want to worry about having to swap bulbs. This new Design Pro system ensures that is a reality.”

The wet-location-approved fixtures are available in three finishes (aluminum, copper and brass) and three sizes (6.9”, 12.9” and 18.9”) with three, six and nine individual LEDs respectively.