A southern Florida development is thanking Kichler’s Design Pro LED landscape lighting for saving the development $9,000 a year. Contractors working with Jacaranda Lakes, a community of 1,200 mid-upper-class homes in the Ft. Lauderdale suburb of Plantation, Fla., recently used Kichler’s Design Pro LED accent lights to illuminate six entrances, as well as the development’s park.

The development’s property manager and homeowners association knew the desired lighting plan required hundreds of lights. With soaring electricity costs, they feared lighting of this scope would translate to significant electricity bills. In addition, the association pays a maintenance fee every time a bulb burns out and needs replaced. With this many lights, maintenance costs quickly pile up.

To circumvent electricity and maintenance fees, contractors suggested Kichler’s Design Pro LED accent lights – an ultra-energy efficient light source. These products emit the warm, white light homeowners and the association had come to expect from the development’s lighting. Plus, Kichler’s Design Pro LED lights use 75 percent less electricity than typical incandescent lighting with an average life span of 20 years – not only saving on electricity costs, but eliminating the need to change bulbs.

“Kichler’s LED products are the best on the market, and we were able to prove that to the association by having board members hold the fixtures in their hands and see the value firsthand,” said Robert Shomer, CEO of Nightscapers’, a specialty landscape lighting contractor commissioned for the job. “They immediately appreciated the quality of the fixtures and the light output, and were completely convinced once we showed them how much money they’d save overtime.”

The association and Shomer estimate that opting for Kichler’s Design Pro LED products instead of incandescent or halogen lighting products saved Jacaranda Lakes $9,000 a year. This includes a dramatic drop in maintenance costs, a decrease in bulb/fixture damage and significant energy savings. Over the 20 year lifespan of the lighting, the development should see a savings of $180,000.

In addition, the association was so happy with the lighting results that they had the contractors take out existing lighting from a previously lit entrance and replace all the lighting with Kichler’s Design Pro LED products.

“We love how all of the entrances look, we’re amazed by the energy savings and we know the lighting is going to attract potential buyers and protect the value of our development’s homes,” said Joe Kay, Jacaranda Lakes property manager. “I would recommend Kichler’s LEDs to any development. You may pay a little more for the initial fixtures, but you’ll see dramatic cost savings over time. Give the LED lights a try, and I promise you’ll never go back.”

Thanks to their ease of installation, contractors were able to light all six entrances and the park with 380 fixtures in a week’s time. The development plans to add additional Kichler LED lights in the future.

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