The Kinman Institute, founded by landscape innovators Gary & Cynthia Kinman, will be holding two unique seminars in early 2013 designed around the needs of landscape design and build professionals looking to revamp and revitalize their businesses.

New for 2013 is “Landscape Design & Construction,” scheduled immediately following the CENTS show on Jan. 24-25.  The second course, “Focus on Design Build Professionalism,” will be held Feb. 21-22. These seminars include two days at the Kinman Institute headquarters near Columbus, Ohio, in small groups of landscape professionals. 

The new Landscape Design & Construction course will cover these critical topics: 


How to “Design” for each client individually
Learn how to gain client appreciation for your design skills
Getting Design Fees
Efficient and Effective design/subcontracting techniques
Seamlessly Integrating design & budgeting


Learn site assessment/site analysis techniques
Identify cues from extension of architecture, base plane extension
How to overcome clients resistance to hierarchy of elements dominant and sub dominant
Creative use of materials, hardscape, carpentry, masonry


Production time efficiency techniques
Innovative “construction” techniques
Teaming up with  reliable suppliers and subcontractors
Case Studies – all levels 


The Focus on Design Build Professionalism course covers architecture, history, design, presentation techniques, marketing, psychology, and steps in the proven Kinman process to assure client satisfaction and professionalize a business. Hundreds of landscape professionals have used these methods to improve their businesses and their bottom lines.

Gary & Cynthia Kinman have more than 35 years experience operating high-end, successful landscape businesses, as well as the Kinman Institute, which offers seminars on professionalism and design build techniques.

To learn more, visit or call Cynthia Kinman at 614-571-3857 to register.