Kubota unveils all-new commercial stand-on mowers

Kubota Tractor Corporation entered the stand-on mower segment and introduced a new line of commercial mowers at GIE+EXPO. Kubota’s SZ Series is comprised of three models, including the SZ19-36, SZ22-48 and the SZ26-52, and will be available at Kubota dealerships in January 2019. The new stand-on mowers are designed for landscapers who mow zero lot homes or commercial properties with narrow lawns that can’t be mowed with zero-turn mowers. The SZ Series mowers are equipped with Kawasaki FX and FT EFI commercial engines and hydro-gear transmissions, and are designed with a low center of gravity for exceptional stability and fast travel speeds, up to 11 mph, depending on model.

Kubota’s SZ Series mowers are engineered with comfort and ease of maintenance as priority features. An ergonomic cushion pad provides maximum comfort to the operator, designed to support the upper thigh area and reduce knee and lower-back pressure while standing on the mower. The wide and angled operator platform offers ample legroom with the option to flip up the platform and walk behind the mower. Other features include tool-less front reference bar adjustment, tool-less tracking adjustment, adjustable dampened control levers, easy-access to maintenance points and flat-free tires designed to absorb impacts and mitigate downtime.

Kubota also unveiled three new Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) commercial mowers. Kubota added the Z751KWi with 48-inch deck, Z781KWi with 54-inch deck, and the Z781KWTi with a 60-inch deck to its professional Z700 Series of zero-turn mowers. The new EFI models boast a sophisticated electronic fuel injection system that adjusts the high-pressure fuel delivery for optimum power and fuel efficiency, ideal for challenging conditions and uneven terrain. The new mowers are equipped with Kawasaki EFI engines that combine all the advantages of a fully integrated electronic governor (e-gov), cutting-edge ECU control, and open-loop technology, which contributes to high performance without experiencing power loss, even when confronted by heavy workloads or uneven terrain. Other features on the new EFI models include 24-inch low-profile tires for reduced ground pressure and tire roll, a large 3.5-inch LCD engine monitor and a dial throttle control for precise engine management, a new style suspension seat and a deck step indicator for improved comfort and easy operator entry, waterproof and dustproof safety switches, 6.5-inch no-flat caster tire, and a 12 volt outlet to charge and power 12V devices.