Growth of the LandOpt Contractor Network continues with the addition of two new license locations. CGreen Landscape Irrigation (Dallas, Texas) and Boreal Property Management (Jackson Hole, Wyo.) are now Powered by LandOpt Contractors.

Founded in 1980 by owner Chuck Green as an irrigation and drainage company, CGreen Landscape Irrigation is a full-service landscape company that provides a complete spectrum of grounds management services for commercial & residential properties in the Collin, Denton, Rockwall and Dallas County areas. CGreen becomes the second LandOpt Contractor in the Dallas market, along with Arlington-based Baldi Gardens who joined the contractor network in November 2012.

According to Green, “LandOpt will make it possible for me to fulfill my vision for the company in a way that I may have not been able to do on my own.” Of his reasons for joining the LandOpt Contractor Network, the owner continued, “They provide sustainable systems and processes that are critical for growing the business, keeping clients happy and providing a career path for employees.”

Set against the backdrop of the Teton mountain range, Jackson Hole-based Boreal Property Management is owned and operated by Mike and Kellie Wheeler. Boreal is a full-service property care company with an exclusive client base primarily located within a small, well-defined radius in the resort community. In addition to traditional landscape design & maintenance services, irrigation, hardscapes, water features, and winter services, the company also provides property management services.

As far as the Boreal team is concerned, both Kellie and Mike welcome the structure it will provide. “Our team is excited, and we all understand that this will provide guidelines to ensure success – creating a true path forward for everyone,” Mike shared. To their customers, it shows “a commitment to the quality care that we provide, and a continued focus on raising that bar and improving the small company service that they currently enjoy,” he noted. LandOpt also factors into the company’s long-term growth plans. “The LandOpt System will help us to manage our planned growth — ensuring that we remain on-track without sacrificing quality,” stated Mike.

Adding a pair of new contractors within the first two months of 2013 is an auspicious start for the growing network of landscape contractors. Asked if this should be considered an indicator of the LandOpt Network’s growth for the year ahead, LandOpt President & CEO Tim Smith said, “Awareness of the LandOpt Contractor Network grew significantly in 2012 along with interest by many companies just like CGreen and Boreal who are committed to finding ways to streamline their processes, improve their systems and ensure continued profitability. Our Network has the potential to double in size by this time next year.”