Landscape Development, Inc. launches new corporate website

Landscape Development, Inc., Valencia, Calif., launched an entirely new corporate website, kicking off its 2017 marketing efforts. The site took eight months to design, and the results are groundbreaking and unique in the landscape industry. The site is formed around an extremely easy-to-use storytelling, scrolling modality. Visitors are first presented with a dramatic, “We Dig You” theme, which carries through the site with images and text centered on client care and focus. Drone and aerial footage is used to great effect, giving the site a unique, airy, 3D feel.

Landscaping is displayed throughout the site as clients view it in their own personal lives: Through windows, in magazines, on computer screens, blueprints, and in person. The various areas of the site are tailored to the types of visitors who will view the content – from site developers to homeowners, to SWPPP and design customers.

Two aspects are particularly advanced as compared to others currently in the landscape industry. In the “News” section, all content is automatically delivered straight from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and is displayed in an organized, easy-to-access area of the site. The site becomes extremely dynamic and current, and draws visitors in for the automatic updates. Also, the entire site is in both English and in Spanish. Everything is equally accessible to all our employees and customers, alike. This also bodes well for business in nearby Spanish-speaking areas.

“This site is unlike anything in our industry,” said CEO Gary Horton. We recognize that most customers have become highly visual and don’t have time for lots of menu-manipulation and ‘drilling down.’ Their time is valuable, and they appreciate stories that quickly explain capabilities, and clients like images with emotional impact. The new site feels compelling and visitors quickly understand how committed we are to their interests and care. They learn this visually, intellectually, intuitively, and emotionally. And they learn it quickly.”

Added Horton, “ set a standard 13 years ago, winning the Photoshop Users Site of the Year award. Today, our site again leads our industry in creativity, imagination, and insight. We present a new vision of website design to our green industry community.”


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