Leonardi Mfg. M1 Chipshoot Power Loader

Leonardi Mfg. Co., Inc. launched the first part of this invention last year at Tree Care Industry Expo. The Chipshoot allowed the control of the direction that chips are discharged during the stump grinding process, allowing quick and easy clean up by directing the chips into bags or containers for faster removal – making cleanup after stump grinding quicker and easier. Leonardi has now added a new “upgraded” version – the Chipshoot Power Loader.  The Power Loader is attached to the machine and collects the chips while grinding the stump (pictured above) and then allows the operator to dump the chip from the controls using the existing hydraulics on the machine into whatever they prefer: wheelbarrow, payloader, trailer, etc. (pictured right).

The new Leonardi M1 Chipshoot Power Loader utilizes the Chipshoot product; however, the Power Loader configuration is a completely new offering that includes an on-board automated bin. The Power Loader bin collects the chips as the stump is being ground, and enables the operator to dump the chips where and when they choose. The Power Loader bin uses the grinders existing hydraulics for its power system with self-opening and closing door mechanism so the operator controls the bin from their normal operating positions. There is new and different intellectual property associated with this product as the M1 Chipshoot Power Loader is a very different offering from the basic M1 Chipshoot product.

To see it in action, visit www.chipshoot.com.