Level up through NALP’s national awards

Clients value award-winning companies. Employees want to work for companies that do great work. NALP’s national Awards of Excellence showcase the best project work in commercial and residential lawn care; landscape design/build and maintenance; interior design/build and maintenance and more. Award recipients benefit in so many ways.

Bob Grover, LIC, president of Pacific Landscape Management in Hillsboro, Oregon, says that they use the awards to honor customers and employees — showing that the great work the company is doing is being nationally recognized. 

Rochelle Zeyl, executive partner of Landscape Creations of Rhode Island in South Kingstown, agrees. She says that the greatest reward for the company’s team is knowing they are doing great work.

 “Participating in the NALP Awards of Excellence gives us a meaningful step we can take to celebrate and showcase their talents,” she says. “Our craftsmen are genuinely passionate about their work and it’s fun for us to submit their projects for a chance at national recognition in their field.”

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