LifeTime Composites, LLC, manufacturer of LifeTime Lumber, a low-maintenance, eco-friendly and fire-resistant deck, dock and fence material, announced the addition of privacy fences and pergolas to its line of outdoor living products. These additions allow LifeTime to offer the homeowner the luxury of creating a fully coordinated outdoor living space using LifeTime Lumber for all the essential design elements.

LifeTime Lumber products offer choices to mix and match colors while maintaining consistent aesthetics, all while eliminating rot, the risk of termites, and resisting mold, mildew and water absorption. As with all LifeTime Lumber, the privacy fences and patios are available in six vibrant colors, designed to stand alone or complement each other throughout a cohesive project. Inspired by the colors seen in the country’s national parks and holding true with the company’s eco-friendly philosophy, the colors include Mauna Loa Black, Glacier White, Cascade Sage, Denali Gray, Mammoth Brown and Mojave Sand.

“LifeTime Lumber is one of the few companies around whose products have the versatility to offer this number of design options to the homeowner, architect or contractor,” said Jim Mahler, president of LifeTime Lumber. “Now privacy fences and pergolas can be matched with other outdoor applications – decks, docks, ranch fencing and planters – all made from this amazing material with working properties similar or superior to wood which requires no special installation instructions or tools. LifeTime Lumber is the complete materials solution for the active outdoor living space.”

In October 2009, LifeTime Lumber was fire code approved for use throughout California’s rural Wildland-Urban Interface Areas (WUI); locations where properties and communities are adjacent to or surrounded by wildlands and potentially subject to wildfires. All certified building products for use in such zones must pass specific, strict performance requirements that ensure a reasonable level of exterior wildfire exposure protection for buildings and their surroundings. Earlier in 2009, versatile LifeTime Lumber was also fire code approved for use in San Diego County.

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