Make plans now for Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Month is the industry’s showcase month to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in agriculture, landscape and turf irrigation. Join the Irrigation Association (IA) in July to celebrate the positive impact of smart irrigation.

While you understand the benefits of efficient irrigation, the Smart Irrigation Month initiative is an opportunity to tell the smart irrigation story to a wider audience and raise awareness of how it affects everyone. The IA is helping the irrigation, landscape and agriculture communities find new ways to share this message with customers, the media and policymakers.

As you prepare for Smart Irrigation Month, here are a few activities to promote this year:

  • Irrigation Technology Tuesday – On July 10, Irrigation Technology Tuesday will serve as the official kickoff of Smart Irrigation Month.
  • Video contest – This contest is a way for people to tell us what smart irrigation means to them. Create a short video to showcase technologies and share about the benefits of efficient irrigation.


Be sure to check online for promotional resources. You will find smart irrigation articles, infographics, public service announcements, press releases, downloadable logos and more at the Smart Irrigation Month website. This year, look for these new resources:

  • Social media cover photos — Use your social media profiles to highlight Smart Irrigation Month and encourage others to engage in the smart irrigation conversation this July by using #SmartIrrigationMonth.
  • Social media graphics — Use these new “Smart irrigation is” graphics to help tell your own story. Download an already completed graphic or customize a graphic to use however you like.


Also, fill out the activities tracker to tell Irrigation Association what you are doing for Smart Irrigation Month 2018! IA will be recognizing all companies that participate.