Mariani Landscape announces Mariani Premier Group

Mariani Landscape announced the launch of the Mariani Premier Group, a first-of-its-kind national platform supporting a growing family of landscaping companies. Together, the new Mariani Premier Group aims to be the world’s premier outdoor living company, creating and nurturing the outdoor spaces that bring families and communities closer together. The newly-formed network will offer each of Mariani’s family companies access to exclusive support programs across every aspect of the landscaping business. In this way, the Mariani Premier Group will help its companies offer enhanced client service capabilities and accelerate growth.

The announcement marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s storied 65-year history, and builds on Mariani’s evolution from a midwest icon to a powerful national player in the industry. Chairman Frank Mariani explains, “What makes the Mariani Premier Group unique is how we have brought together our company founders and their deep landscaping experience and combined it with the Mariani management team’s breadth of business knowledge and experience scaling companies. With this move, we are raising the standards of professionalism in this industry.” 

“Companies joining the Mariani Premier Group continue to operate under the same brand, with decision-making remaining at the local level where possible.  We provide national support and tools through our shared services platform to achieve even greater success.” said Christine Bedi, chief legal counsel for the Mariani Premier Group. 

By joining with 12 other top family-owned landscaping companies, Mariani can now offer a support infrastructure unmatched in the industry, providing its local teams across the country an impressive set of resources and tools needed to delight clients on a daily basis. The network will support member companies in three important ways – innovative best practices, infrastructure support, and group purchasing power. 

Commenting on the early integration successes of the Mariani Premier Group, Stephanie Blanco, head of integration at Mariani, explained, “Our goal is to quickly help our family companies take full advantage of our group services. We have been running dozens of roundtables, workgroups and learning sessions that are helping the family companies elevate and expand their service offerings.” 

In addition, the group offers its companies priority access to the best materials and suppliers, state-of-the-art technology systems, recruitment resources, talent development programs, employee benefits, and capital support —including a comprehensive IT platform featuring a landscape business management system, financial system, HR information system and recruitment program. 

Mariani’s CEO Bryan Christiansen remarked, “Our primary goal for the Mariani Premier Group is to help each of our family companies become better at what they do. In achieving our mission, we will drive the success of our companies by helping them exceed our clients’ expectations every day. Our measure of success will be based entirely on the achievements of each company within the Mariani Premier Group and how they deliver to their clients.”


Mariani’s Chief Operating Officer, Bill Blodgett added, “Our companies are already seeing the benefits of joining what we believe is the ultimate peer group of industry leaders, taking advantage of our programs to strengthen their businesses by offering new services to their clients and new benefits to their associates.”

Companies interested in joining the Mariani Premier Group can contact for additional information.