Maruyama’s new M42BK Backpack Multi-Cutter

Maruyama’s new M42BK Backpack Multi-Cutter is a powerful, efficient, heavy-duty, commercial backpack multi-cutter. It is compatible with 12-plus attachments, including a standard or turbo string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, brushcutter, tiller, landscape blade and landscape sweeper. The attachments are quickly interchangeable with a unique coupler on a flexible 8-mm solid-steel shaft. The M42BK is powered by a 41.8-cc, heavy-duty, commercial Maruyama engine, which is positioned on heavy-duty, shock-absorbing springs attached to a new ergonomically designed backpack frame. The M42BK is fully padded, well balanced, comfortable, and ready to work hard.

Maruyama U.S., Inc.