Savvy green industry professionals are harnessing the power of effective water management to save big for clients. Learn how at the Landscape Industry Show, Feb. 13-14 at the L.A. Convention Center, South Hall, in Los Angeles. The Landscape Industry Show boasts 35 seminars from industry experts and green industry professionals. At the show, explore these featured irrigation and water management seminars:


Get The Low-Down On Low-Flow
Brent Mecham CID, CLWM, CIC, CAIS, CLIA, CGIA, Irrigation Association, Industry Development Director
Why take your best guess at matching the right drip emitter to the soil type when you can learn precisely which emitters to use and where to install them? Smart design and expert installation is key to an efficient, long-lasting system.


How Much Water Is Your Drip System Wasting?
Joe Fortier CID, CIC, CGIA, CLIA, Mojave Water Management
Exactly what can you learn from a drip irrigation audit? Plenty about how your system may be losing efficiency. If it’s time for a reality check, find out which auditing methods work and how to sidestep some of the most common auditing pitfalls.


Irrigation And Water Management: The Next Level
(English And Spanish)
CLCA State Certification Committee
Now that you know the basics, it’s time to move up and stretch your skills. Learn how an irrigation valve works, how to troubleshoot valves and how to use a Volt/Ohm meter. Then find out the correct way to program any irrigation controller using current weather data and local site conditions. Includes classroom and hands-on training. Combined English & Spanish class.


Outta Sight Irrigation For Turfgrass; Panel Discussion On Subsurface Drip Irrigation For Turf
Warren Gorowitz (Moderator), Ewing Irrigation Products
Save money, stop wasting valuable resources and bring your company up to speed with this comprehensive overview of all things turf. Interested in new techniques, methods and products? You’ll get it all here.


Remote Control Valves — Why They Fail, How They Fail And What To Do About It
Jim Borneman, Ewing Irrigation Products
Valve troubleshooting and repair usually results in a loss of profit. You’ll learn how to quickly diagnose the failure (regardless of brand) and make repairs that add to your bottom line.


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