Matching weed problems with the right control options just got easier for turf management professionals. With the new Herbicide Solutions Finder on the FMC Professional Solutions website, turf managers can identify weed control solutions for all types of turf and targeted weeds with a few keystrokes.

Simply visit the website,, and click on Herbicide Solutions Finder on the navigation bar. Once inside the Herbicide Solutions Finder, choose either cool or warm season turf, specific turf type, type of weed (broadleaf, grassy or sedge) and a specific weed. Hit submit and view your options.

“The Herbicide Solutions Finder allows turf professionals the flexibility to quickly review the most effective herbicide choices and determine the best strategy for their particular problem,” said Adam Manwarren, turf and ornamental product manager for FMC. “The streamlined navigation simplifies weed control decisions and provides links to helpful product information, as well as use directions.”

An extension of FMC’s Customer Driven Innovations™, the Herbicide Solutions Finder is another way FMC is solving its customers’ unmet needs. “By providing real world solutions to a host of turf problems and issues, we feel we’ve become a true industry partner for our customers,” added Manwarren.

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