Mean Green Mowers SK-48 STALKER with built in debris blower

Mean Green Mowers introduced a powerful-yet-quiet addition to its lineup of commercial electric mowers. The powerful, patent-pending “STALKER” (STand-on wALK-behind mower) now has an option that really blows! This powerful commercial electric stand-on mower is now available with a powerful electric grass/debris blower concealed under the front cover of the mower. Now it is possible to do all your mowing and debris blowing without ever stepping off this machine. Just flip a switch when you are done mowing and cruise along any sidewalk, road, or driveway to blow the grass clippings off the surface. Why drag around a heavy blower when you can just drive along comfortably on the STALKER mower? This zero-emission, quiet blower boasts air volume and speed similar to most gas-powered blowers.