Metal Cabinet & Fixture Co., a division of Span-O-Matic, makes air valve, irrigation control and back flow enclosures from stainless steel, aluminum and steel. The enclosures are all knock-down and come in a box. You lock it with your own padlock or shankless ‘hockey puck’ lock. Span-O-Matic provides the mounting hardware and padlock cover. If you need to perform major repairs, all enclosures can be easy disassembled. Irrigation Control Enclosures come with an aluminum back panel to mount your controls.

Metal Cabinet & Fixtures has been making NEMA Type electrical enclosures since 1972.  NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 enclosures are made to exact requirements.  Be it small boxes or free-standing units, MCF can make them all.

Span-O-Matic is a precision metal fabricator equipped to handle your metal fabrication requirements. Span-O-Matic works with materials from as thin as .001” thick up to .875” plate steel. Span-O-Matic can build to your drawings and exact specifications. For more information, visit