Mike Albert Fleet Solutions unveils a new service offering

For companies and individuals struggling to keep up with the time-consuming demands of fleet management while trying to grow their business, Mike Albert Advantage is here. Mike Albert Advantage solves every headache by having Mike Albert act like a concierge service for fleet.

Instead of having staff members serve as the main contact for day-to-day fleet management tasks like driver calls, fuel card administration, licensing and insurance, vehicle ordering and more, Mike Albert handles all of those duties. All staff members involved with fleet can skip a step and go straight to a single, expert source. This will streamline fleet administration, reduce disruptions that take staff members away from their core responsibilities, and free up their time to focus on growing the company’s business.

“We understand a company’s most precious resource is their people’s time, and that’s why we created this program”, said Jeff Hart, president of Mike Albert. “We truly strive to be a great partner to our clients and we understand that fleet is much more than a financial transaction. There are a number of tasks, issues, and management activities required to support a fleet to ensure the total cost of ownership is optimized. Therefore, Mike Albert Advantage was developed with our client’s business in mind.”

Employees are being tasked to do more with less these days, and when Mike Albert handles daily inquiries from drivers and manages administrative tasks it reduces the time and money spent on fleet. With a unique 800# and a dedicated individual to field all incoming driver calls, implement fleet programs and recommendations, and provide reports to businesses, the result is a fleet that runs more efficiently and cost effectively and a business focused on their core competencies.

Aligning with Mike Albert’s vision to Make Fleet Easy for all clients, Mike Albert Advantage is available to businesses with anywhere from 20 vehicles to 2,000. “Instead of us allocating resources, people, capital, time, and space to this very important function, we can use those resources elsewhere – in the core activities of our business. That’s the value,” said Gregg Battaglia, CFO Storopack North America, who already utilizes Mike Albert Advantage.

For more details on this program, visit www.mikealbert.com/advantage.