Mission Viejo replaces all irrigation controllers in its city parks with smart irrigation technology

Signature Control Systems, an Irvine, California-based irrigation technology manufacturer, announced that the City of Mission Viejo will install the company’s proprietary irrigation control technology in all of its parks.

In October, the City voted to replace roughly half of the irrigation controllers in its local parks with Signature controllers. With the City already showing significant water savings in those parks, the Mission Viejo City Council voted to complete the installation.

“With the technology already in place, our water savings equate to a football field 450 feet deep,” said Mission Viejo Mayor Frank Ury. “Now we will realize two football fields worth of savings.”

Beyond water conservation, the City projects upwards of $650,000 in net savings over a five-year period by moving to Signature’s technology.

“Not only does this help us save water, we’re preserving taxpayer dollars,” explained Mission Viejo City Councilmember Wendy Bucknum. “This investment in Signature technology will pay for itself within two years.”

Signature will begin working with city staff to install the roughly 80-90 controllers in the remaining 50 neighborhood parks. The project is due to be completed by this summer.

“We’re pleased that our technology is already helping Mission Viejo taxpayers realize significant savings in water and dollars, and look forward to doubling those savings by replacing the rest of the controllers,” said Brian J. Smith, CEO and Founder of Signature.


“Signature Control Systems’ technology,’ continued Smith, “allows cities like Mission Viejo, as well as HOAs, homeowners and property owners to preserve their beautiful landscapes while still achieving extraordinary conservation.”

Signature’s technology measures outdoor water use to very small fractions of an inch. It then uses highly advanced communications and control technology to deliver the precise amount of water needed for a specific landscaped area.

This combination of measurement and communication technology, which is patented by Signature, enables users to pinpoint exactly how much water is needed to nourish hundreds of acres of landscaped areas. The cloud-based system can also be operated from anywhere in the world, removing the need for one central command center, reducing staff costs and improving efficiency.

“Mission Viejo is changing the paradigm on how we view the culture of water in Orange County,” concluded Ury. “We’re confident that with this technology, Mission Viejo will serve as a model for how all California cities manage water usage in public spaces.”