Landscapers now have a convenient tool to help them calculate the amount of landscape mulch needed for completing a specific job. The app also includes a feature that allows users to preview different colored mulch selections to determine how each would work with the façade and color of the residence. Developed by Colorbiotics, a manufacturer of landscape coating products, the Mulch Tools app is an industry first, developed specifically for do-it-yourself and homeowner landscapers.

The app is easy to use. “All the user needs to know is the length and width of the area where the mulch will be applied and the Mulch Tools app does the rest,” said Kent Rotert, director of marketing and sales for Colorbiotics

In addition to the mulch calculator, Mulch Tools also includes a handy interactive feature that allows users to visualize the possibilities available with colored mulch. The user can choose the exterior façade / fabrication of the home and then apply various colored mulch options to the landscaped surroundings. This provides a visual representation of how the finished landscape will appear.

Users of an iPhone can download the Mulch Tools app from the iTunes store free of charge or by visiting the Colorbiotics website at