Munro Universal PRO Pump Enclosure

Munro’s Universal PRO Pump Enclosure provides a safe and attractive enclosure for irrigation system centrifugal pumps for residential and commercial applications.

In the past, most contractors fabricated their own hand-built enclosures to contain pumps.   These improvised enclosures were subject to problems like rot, vermin and vandalism.

Gail Mueller, General Manager of Munro Pump notes, “We’ve seen it all… pumps covered by coolers, garbage bags, plastic tubs and, of course, dog houses. These unsightly solutions don’t protect the pump leading to an ugly, ongoing problem. Critters invade, water leaks, and pumps are damaged from excess heat. The Universal PRO Enclosure solves those issues and finally provides a professional, cost effective way to house a pump.”

Designed specifically to house centrifugal pumps from ½ to 3 horsepower in size, the powder-coated stainless steel enclosure includes inlet and outlet ventilation points, mounting for a pump control box, and security features to keep the pump safe.

The Irrigation Show judges were impressed that the enclosure ships flat for easy transport and simple assembly on the job site. A rugged rivet tool is provided.