NALP calls for urgent action regarding EPA restrictions on pyrethroid use

NALP is working with multiple industry stakeholders on an urgent pesticide regulation related issue, and needs your help. Currently, the EPA is evaluating whether to further restrict pyrethroid use for professionals. As you know, inappropriate regulations can significantly impact your lives and livelihood, and NALP needs you to voice your concerns and help the EPA better understand the important role that pyrethroids serve in your ability to provide your services and protect the public.

To help you craft your message, NALP has created a template that contains information that you may wish to communicate to the EPA; your comments will have the greatest impact if you include technical information such as which pyrethroids you use, application rates, methods of application, and how the product is an effective tool in integrated pest management. This will help EPA refine its assumptions on how pyrethroids are really used.

Including other information on the importance of pyrethroids to your toolbox is helpful as well, such as efficacy, economy, resistance management, and lack of alternatives, will help EPA assess the benefits. (e.g. all pyrethroids are not applied at maximum label rates and the maximum number of applications to all available acres).

Take time today to contact the EPA and submit your pyrethroid use comments!