NALP designates LCI as strategic provider for H-2B services

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) has formed a strategic provider relationship with Labor Consultants International (LCI), a visa processing organization with decades of experience assisting employers and workers with labor needs with specific expertise in assisting employers navigate the H-2B visa program.

Finding seasonal workers continues to be the top obstacle confronting the landscape industry, and the H-2B guest worker program is critical to alleviating the current workforce crisis. The landscape industry is the largest user of the H-2B program, and NALP is the national voice advocating for cap relief.

“Labor shortages persist throughout the landscape industry, and we continue to look towards every resource possible to help NALP members navigate the H-2B process. We constantly field technical processing and filing questions that need to be routed to organizations like LCI that are true experts in the field of H-2B processing,” explained Andrew Bray, SVP at NALP. “I believe this partnership will benefit all our members because of the shared passion between LCI and NALP to increase the cap while continuing to provide invaluable guidance and expertise in all aspects of the H-2B program.”

“We see our clients as unique individuals, each confronting distinct challenges, enduring and overcoming hardships, and celebrating their achievements and successes. We deeply understand the challenges employers face when seeking a consistent temporary workforce,” said Terry Forrester, the President of Labor Consultants International. “That is why we work with each individual client to sculpt a solution to their specific temporary need and where they want their business to grow this season, next season, and five years from now. To help leave a legacy.”

NALP’s new partnership with LCI will give members access to LCI’s expertise. Members will also have access to exclusive content, including webinars and other resources, to help program users stay compliant with the programs’ complex rules and regulations. For more information and upcoming events related to the H-2B Program, visit NALP’s H-2B resources web page.