National Heat Safety Coalition formed

Mission, an innovator of cooling and heat relief technologies, and Magid, a leader in workplace safety innovations, announced they are coming together with The Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) at the University of Connecticut, the nation’s leading heat safety advocate and research institute, to form the National Heat Safety Coalition.  Magid, Mission, and KSI will aim to serve as the country’s foremost authority and advocate group for heat stress prevention, establishing heat safety solutions and standards for the industrial sectors. The National Heat Safety Coalition will provide heat-safety research, solutions, education and awareness with the sole purpose of eliminating heat-related injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The National Heat Safety Coalition will kick off with a series of virtual roundtable discussions with major companies and consumer groups who possess a wide knowledge of health and heat safety, cooling solutions, and industrial needs.

Millions of U.S. workers are exposed each day to heat related illness in their workplaces. Although heat illness is 100% preventable, thousands are injured every year from occupational heat exposure, with many cases ending in fatality. 50% – 70% of outdoor fatalities, whether on the job, from sports, or home improvements, occur in the first few days of working in hot environments. Heat illness is a problem indoors as well, as many manufacturing facilities with heat-producing equipment and no air conditioning are hotter on the inside than the summer temperatures outside.  

By forming the National Heat Safety Coalition, the organizations also aim to address the risk factors that may increase susceptibility of heat-related illnesses on the job and identify current barriers in the industrial sector to help inform best-practice recommendations for prevention of exertional heat illnesses. 

“Heat stress is a constant concern for laborers who are called on to work in hot conditions,” said Dr. Douglas Casa, a national expert on heat safety and chief executive officer of the Korey Stringer Institute. “The formation of this coalition will help develop better methods for heat safety such as body cooling, work to rest ratios, and hydration, which is an important part of our commitment to protecting workers.” 

“Since we launched in 2008, Mission has worked side by side with scientists and medical doctors to deliver revolutionary cooling and heat relief solutions that enhance performance, safety, and comfort,” said Mission co-founder and president, Chris Valletta. “We have been able to prove that implementing proper cooling strategies not only increases worker and consumer safety, but it significantly improves performance, output, and efficiency as well. Mission is excited to partner with The Korey Stringer Institute and Magid to launch the National Heat Safety Coalition in order to help combat the dangerous effects that heat-related illnesses have on everyone who works or plays in the heat.” 

“Heat stress is a serious, potentially life-threatening issue that is completely treatable and preventable,” said Matt Block, director of health and safety services at Magid. “There is not currently a specific standard that covers prevention of heat stress and heat-related hazards. One of the reasons we’ve partnered with Mission and KSI is to establish a set of protocols that will help to keep workers safe and productive in the heat.”