NDS Dura Flo CV Dripline

NDS’s new Dura Flo CV Dripline is an all-in-one drip line solution for all applications. It provides landscape architects, civil engineers and environmental engineers with a new, higher level of water conservation for any irrigation project.

The dripper features a check valve in combination with anti-siphon capabilities—the check valve prevents low emitter drainage on shut down; the anti-siphon feature eliminates back-siphonage at each emitter. This unique combination maximizes water efficiency by minimizing water loss and protecting each emitter from clogging – all with no root intrusion.

The Dura Flo CV Dripline is ideal for a variety of applications, including watering larger trees, foundation planting and raised planters, landscapes and shrubs, medians and roadways, and subsurface turfs and sports fields.