NDS, Inc. introduced a new addition to its family of permeable pavers – the EZ Roll gravel paver. EZ Roll gravel paver allows installation on a clean stone base, constructing a solid foundation for high-traffic areas while also reducing hazardous stormwater runoff.

 Developed as an alternative to concrete or asphalt, EZ Roll gravel paver creates an environmentally friendly, permeable surface. With concrete or asphalt, excess stormwater travels over impervious surfaces such as parking lots, pavement and driveways, collecting oil, grease, chemicals, metals and bacteria along the way. These harmful pollutants are eventually discharged into municipal stormdrain systems and into rivers, lakes and oceans. EZ Roll gravel paver reduces the environmental impact of stormwater by creating a more permeable surface and therefore decreasing the amount of hazardous runoff. EZ Roll gravel paver’s structure allows for installation on a clean stone base, significantly reducing runoff by permitting stormwater to easily percolate directly into the ground and purify naturally through this process.

“An increasing amount of city green building initiatives and ordinances are calling for less concrete and more permeable surfaces,” said Mike Gummeson, president and CEO of NDS, Inc. “The EZ Roll gravel paver system’s unique design not only offers a solution to the growing concern of stormwater management but it is also a sustainable product that can be used to achieve LEED credits.”

With a series of hexagonal cells that connect to form a flexible grid system, EZ Roll gravel paver is a roll of 600 square feet designed to withstand up to 52,600 psf of compressive load sufficient to exceed H20 loading requirements. Easy to install, this honeycombed paver rolls out lengthwise while providing structural integrity widthwise. Attached to the bottom of each roll is a permeable, puncture-resistant geotextile fabric that improves structural capacity, holds gravel in place and prevents both rutting and particle migration. With its structural integrity, EZ Roll gravel paver also requires less staking than other gravel pavers on the market.

Constructed from 100 percent recycled polyolefin material, EZ Roll gravel pavers are suitable for a variety of applications ranging from parking lots and driveways to fire lanes, golf cart paths, play areas, car dealerships, outdoor amphitheaters, woodland paths and horse trails.

EZ Roll gravel paver is available in four colors – black, tan, grey and brick red – allowing for design flexibility when choosing gravel colors and applications.

NDS also offers grassroad paver solutions as part of its permeable paver collection. TuffTrack and EZ Roll Grassroad Pavers offer aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly ways to maintain healthy grass turf in high-traffic and high load areas. Both are also sustainable products that can be used to achieve LEED credits.

Free downloadable PDFs of CAD (Computer-aided design) drawings and CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) product guide specifications for all NDS pavers are available at www.ndspro.com. NDS has trained technical service personnel ready to assist with any questions via phone at 888-825-4716 or via email at TechService@ndspro.com.