Netafim USA introduced Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters, new high-capacity water filtration systems designed for use with both dripline and overhead irrigation on commercial and corporate parks, recreational centers, and large residential sites.

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters ensure that only debris-free water enters the irrigation lines for efficient operation and healthier plant life.

Featuring a multi-level filtration process, Apollo removes sand, particles, algae and other organic materials from water sources such as lakes, ponds reservoirs, canals, rivers and reclaimed water systems.

The filters are typically used with Netafim’s Techline® CV and Techline® RW dripline.

A wide range of filter models is available, depending on the size of the irrigation system and the number of filters required. Mesh screen densities from 80 to 140 can be specified, depending on water quality (good to very poor).

All filter system materials are non-corrosive to prevent rusting from chemicals and weather.

Factory-assembled and fully-tested, complete Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter systems are delivered ready to hook-up for immediate operation.

Apollo utilizes a patented Netafim multi-disc filtering process in which debris is collected along the depth of the discs, not only at the surface like screen filters. Apollo’s longer filters and larger discs provide more filtration action and are cost efficient because they reduce the number of filters required.

The Apollo manifold, filter body and cover are fabricated from high density polypropylene; the backflush valve is constructed from cast iron; and the discs from polypropylene.

How it works:  Grooves in the disc rings criss-cross to form a network that traps debris between and outside of the discs. Dirty water is pumped into the filter and, as pressure increases, the water tightly compresses the cleaning disc rings together. Water is then forced to flow through the disc ring grooves where debris is trapped, releasing only clean water to the irrigation system.

An automatic back flush feature allows the discs to separate while internal nozzles spray the discs with clean water inside and out to remove debris, which is flushed out in a separate drain.

No special tools are needed to access the filters, facilitating routine servicing.

For more information on the Apollo filtration system, see the Netafim website at: