Netafim Landscape Controller

Developed exclusively for Netafim by Tucor, the Netafim Landscape Controllers (NLC) are powerful, multi-function landscape controllers designed to maximize the water efficiency of any landscape, while reducing the time, labor and costs incurred when expanding a system into new areas of the landscape. Available in a variety of configurations (Conventional, Decoder-based and Hybrid) for basic residential systems to large-scale commercial applications, the NLC controllers determine the unique watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating both historical and current weather data as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors that monitor the amount of moisture available to plants in each zone. An advanced suite of water-management features includes intuitive programming for retrofit and expansion, remote management capabilities that allow professionals to adjust programming and review schedules of multiple sites from any internet-ready device, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Netafim’s Total Cycle Management, the most advanced soil and climate monitoring system available.