Netafim USA opened a new California recycling center that repurposes used polyethylene tubing into a variety of plastic products, including Netafim landscape dripline.

PHX Recycling Inc, located in Fowler, Calif., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Netafim, which oversees the entire recycling process.

Used landscape dripline from all manufacturers is accepted, if the tubing meets Netafim’s stringent product testing and quality control standards. The company monitors the entire recycling process – from testing and evaluating used tubing in the field to washing, grinding and re-pelletizing.

“Because Netafim oversees the operation, we can ensure that our high manufacturing standards are met, and that new Netafim dripline products made from recycled materials continue to be among the most reliable in the world,” said Michael Dowgert, director of marketing for Netafim USA.

“The Netafim recycling program lessens the impact of used tubing on the environment and helps create a true cycle of sustainability,” he said.

Before tubing is accepted by PHX, a sample must be submitted to Netafim to determine material content and age. The dripline must also be debris- and contaminate-free and, if accepted, must be bundled or coiled prior to delivery or pick-up.

PHX Recycling is located near Netafim’s Fresno, CA, headquarters. Pick up service is available in California from Mendocino, Glenn and Butte counties in the north to San Diego and Imperial counties in the south.

Pick ups can be scheduled by filling out a “Pick Up Request” form available on the PHX website:

Netafim is a global leader in low volume irrigation and has manufactured landscape dripline for more than 20 years. The company features an extensive range of irrigation products, including 17mm Techline® CV and 12mm Techline®  EZ, both made from recycled materials, and a complete line of drip accessories, including filters, point-source drippers, controllers, valves and hydrometers.

For more information about Netafim recycling or low volume products, contact the company at 888.638.2346 or online at