Netafim Techline CV

Physical root barriers in Techline CV micro-emitters protect the tubing from plant and tree root intrusion and are among the reliability features built into Netafim’s popular subsurface dripline. The integral barriers deflect root growth without reliance on chemical applications and help ensure longer performance life and low maintenance. The 17mm-wide flexible tubing also features 2-psi check valves in each emitter for equalized application of water throughout the system while preventing low emitter drainage. Techline CV has continuous self flushing throughout the line and pressure compensation that allows equal amounts of water delivered over a broad range from 14.7 to 70 psi. Techline CV is widely used to irrigate turf, trees, shrubs and bedding areas in residential and commercial installations. It can be installed either subsurface or above ground, and delivers water directly to root zones in precise, measured droplets (0.26 to 0.9 GPH). The flexible tubing is available in coils from 100 feet to 1,000 feet.