Netafim Techline professional products, including Techline, Techline CV, Techline RW and Techline EZ, now feature low 0.26 gph emitter flow rates for optimal water absorption in dense clay soils.

Techline is the only dripline product that offers a wide range of flow rates to accommodate irrigation requirements for clay, loam and sandy soil conditions. Techline flow rates include: 0.26, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.9 gph.

Because of the dense structure of clay, it absorbs water at a much slower rate than loam or sandy soil. Clay typically absorbs water at 0.10” to 0.20” per hour, while loam and sandy soils absorb water at a faster rate, generally 1.25” to 2.00” per hour.

Installing Techline with a 0.26 gph flow rate allows the irrigation to percolate through the clay slowly and efficiently for distribution out to the root zones, resulting in more precise coverage and less waste.

Netafim’s broad range of emitter flow rates is among the many advanced features available with Techline. The product line also includes a built-in check valve to prevent low head drainage; pressure compensation for even, precise watering; continuously self-flushing anti-siphon to eliminate clogging; and a physical root barrier that prevents root intrusion without reliance on chemicals.

Techline professional dripline is used to efficiently irrigate trees, shrubs, turf and flower beds in commercial and residential installations. All Techline products are manufactured from recycled material and qualify for LEED credits. Techline is also recyclable when its productive life is over.

Techline and Techline CV are designed for use on all turf and landscape applications; Techline RW is installed with reclaimed water; and Techline EZ is used in on-surface drip systems.