Netafim Techline HCVXR landscape dripline

Netafim USA expanded its Techline landscape dripline product offering with the unveiling of Techline HCVXR, featuring advanced built-in root intrusion protection technology.

The latest addition to the best-selling line of landscape dripline, Netafim’s Techline HCVXR is the only landscape dripline that infuses Cupron copper oxide directly into the mold of each emitter to provide a chemical free, long lasting, non-toxic root barrier for subsurface drip irrigation systems. By embedding copper oxide into the material used to create each emitter during the manufacturing process, the dripline’s root resistant properties will not wash off or migrate out of the emitter after years of use.

The only dripline with a 15-year warranty against root intrusion, the HCVXR emitters are engineered with a physical root barrier, extra large bath area, continuous self-flushing mechanisms and raised outlets to prevent fine feeder roots or sediment from inhibiting water flow in the dripline.

“Up until now, the industry standard has been to either use chemicals or a small copper chip at the entry point of each emitter as a defense against aggressive roots. But, chemicals are toxic, and the copper chips inevitably corrode and leach into the soil, leaving the emitters completely unprotected from root intrusion,” said Mauricio Troche, Director of Sales and Marketing for Netafim USA’s Landscape Division. “The infusion of Cupron copper oxide into the mold of the emitter combined with the existing physical root barriers provides the industry’s best protection against root intrusion, while at the same time eliminating any risk to plants, soil or wildlife from chemicals or leached toxins.”

In addition, Techline HCVXR features a high check valve to ensure that each emitter turns on and off at the same time, maximizing application uniformity and holding back up to 8.5’ of water when installed on sloping landscapes. Each emitter is also equipped with a built-in anti-siphon feature that seals the emitter outlet during system shutdown, preventing debris from entering the dripline after irrigation. Available in four different flow rates to accommodate any application, Techline HCVXR is pressure-compensating, 
flexible and UV-resistant, and laser-etched for easy identification of model, flow rate and emitter spacing.

“The HCVXR is unparalleled in functionality as it combines the superior features of Techline CV with many of the same features and attributes found in Netafim’s agricultural-grade driplines. The result is a solution that professionals and end-users can trust to endure the challenges of today’s diverse and dynamic landscapes,” added Troche.

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