Netafim USA showcases technology-driven water-efficient solutions

Netafim USA its latest advances in drip irrigation solutions for the agriculture, landscape and turf, greenhouse and nursery, mining and wastewater industries during Irrigation Show 2014. Maximizing water efficiency and increasing productivity in a wide array of applications, Netafim featured a selection of its most recent innovations including, the ground-breaking PolyNet piping solution, the Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter, a new Single Chamber Filter and the newly launched line of Netafim Landscape Controllers.

The flexible, lightweight, leak-free PolyNet piping solution reduces overall system cost per acre when compared to inferior layflat options, allowing growers to experience the benefits of a drip irrigation system in areas where operational and budget flexibility is essential. Utilizing an advanced collapsible design, a PolyNet drip irrigation system is easy to install, recoil and relocate, and the integral welded connectors ensure a leak-free connection, reducing the maintenance and labor costs that are associated with less reliable flexible piping options.

Netafim’s Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter offers a newlevel of accuracy to measuring flow data by utilizing dual-beam sensors to monitor flow rates. The dual-beam sensors determine the time it takes for an ultrasonic wave to travel the distance between the two sensors located in the meter’s body and then provides real-time feedback on flow rate and critical conditions.  With no moving parts, Octave’s ultrasonic technology significantly reduces maintenance needs and improves long-term system reliability.

The result of a collaboration with YAMIT, the recognized global leader in filtration and water treatment solutions, Netafim’s new Single Chamber Epoxy Coated Steel Media Filter is designed to be used with agricultural drip irrigation systems as a primary filter for water pumped from sources that are contaminated with algae and other organic materials.  Built to accommodate flow ranges from 400 to 2,990 GPM, the 48” rust and maintenance-free single chambered filter is engineered with an injection molded PVC underdrain and interior mushrooms with V slots that provide thorough back flushing with equal pressure – fluidizing and cleaning the entire sand media bed.

Developed exclusively for Netafim by Tucor Inc., the Netafim Landscape Controllers (NLC) are a suite of powerful, multifunctioncontrollers designed to maximize the water efficiency of any landscape, while reducing the time, labor and costs of expanding a system into new areas of the landscape.  Designed for use in a variety of configurations (Conventional, Decoder-based and Hybrid), the NLC controllers determine the watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating historical and current weather data as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors. An advanced suite of water-management features includes intuitive programming, remote management capabilities, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Netafim’s Total Cycle Management, a comprehensive soil and climate monitoring system.

“Whether farmers seek higher yields and improved productivity, or green industry professionals need to maximize water efficiency in a landscape, for nearly five decades, Netafim has been driven by its steadfast commitment to empower its customers with the tools and expertise to better address water management challenges, and in turn, deliver exceptional results,” said Ze’ev Barylka, Director of Marketing for Netafim USA.  “As the industry leader, it is our responsibility to continually strive to raise the bar for the rest of our industry partners by increasing awareness of the value provided by drip irrigation and backing it up with comprehensive, innovative solutions that are reliable, simple and affordable.”