New 24-inch stand-on aerator from Toro

Featuring revolutionary new features and a compact design, Toro introduced the all-new 24-inch stand-on aerator. Built for the productivity demands of the busiest landscape contractor, the new model fits through a standard 36-inch gate, making quick work of any small- to large-size aeration project.

Reaching grounds speeds of up to 6.5 mph, the new 24-inch stand-on aerator optimizes power and hydraulics to ensure consistent core depths regardless of terrain. The unit features a hydraulic valve to adjust operator weight and electronic depth control to maximize power to aerate. Once put into action, operators will notice consistent plug depths of up to five inches in length.

With an intuitive smart controller, all of the necessary functions are at the operator’s fingertips, including depth control highlighted by a supervisor maximum depth lockout, maintenance reminders and tine activation lock out.

To ensure ultimate productivity and versatility, the 24-inch stand-on aerator is compatible with an all-new seed spreader attachment. Now an operator can pull plugs and overseed with precision on a single machine.

“We believe the new 24-inch stand-on aerator is an excellent machine for landscape contractors who want all the performance and productivity of a larger stand-on aerator in a more nimble and maneuverable package,” said Chris Vogtman, marketing manager at Toro. “Being able to reach areas with a stand-on unit that could previously only be accessed by a walk-behind unit is a real benefit to landscape contractors and their crews.”

The new 24-inch stand-on aerator is now available from Toro’s trusted network of dealers and distributors.