New accessories from Coyote Landscape Products

New accessories from Coyote Landscape Products include Corners, ArborEdge Tree Rings, Start & Stop Pieces, as well as Edge Stakes.


ArborEdge Tree Rings

The new ArborEdge Tree Ring creates a beautiful look while helping prevent erosion and damage to the tree by keeping it separated from the rest of the lawn and lawn care equipment. Available in sections or as a one-piece unit, this tree ring has interlocking stakes, comes in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit any job, and is offered in green, brown, black, galvanized or raw steel.


Edge Stakes

Coyote offers three types of stakes, each designed for a specific job and to complement the existing family of products. These stake types include Hairpin Edge Stakes, Interlocking Stakes and J-Stakes.

  • Hairpin Edge Stakes are 10-inch stakes made from 8 GA wire rod, and are available in plated and raw steel finishes. These stakes fit over the top of the edging and are used to keep un-punched edging products in place.
  • Interlocking Stakes come in standard and heavy-duty weights. The standard stakes are used with the 14 GA, 12 GA and 11 GA (small pocket). The heavy-duty stakes are used with the 11 GA heavy pocket, 3/16” and 1/4″ steel edging. The required stakes are included with all Coyote EcoEdge and ToughEdge products. These stakes are available in green, black, brown, raw or galvanized finishes, and are available for purchase separately.
  • J-Stakes are used to keep plastic, composite or wood edging in place. Available in brown, these stakes are 11 GA x 14” long with a 1” x 1” bend to lock in the edging.


Start & Stop Pieces

With Start & Stop pieces, there is no longer a need to cut the end edging. This saves time in the field associated with labor, as well as protects the finish from cuts. Coyote’s Start & Stop Pieces are designed to create a clean finish for lawn edging projects. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes, including green, brown, black, galvanized or raw steel.