New accident brief database helps tree care professionals stay abreast of injuries

In an industry as dangerous as the tree care business, awareness of accidental deaths and injuries is critical to alert companies so their employees are properly trained and informed.

To keep companies vigilant of the latest injuries and fatalities, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) launched a website that tracks and archives the latest accidents reported in the media.*

“In the tree care industry, safety is central to being successful,” said Peter Gerstenberger, TCIA’s senior advisor for safety, compliance, and standards. “Our goal is to help companies prevent injuries, and we think it’s important to make this information accessible to companies, so they take every precaution.”

The website includes the most common accidents in the industry, such as falls, struck-bys, falling objects, as well electric shocks or burns, and the outcome. It also provides a brief description of each accident and allows professionals to search incidents by different categories and dates.

TCIA helps companies keep their employees safer through training and credentialing programs to address safety challenges and create a safer work environment. These include the Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) program, which helps companies nurture a safe work environment.

To keep tree care workers up to date on accidents, TCIA also features a monthly column in its industry publication, TCI Magazine, and through weekly accident email updates on-demand to anyone in the industry.

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* TCIA relies on media accounts for this data, and therefore, this is not an exhaustive resource for accidents because they may not make the news. The information should not be used for statistical analysis.