New Aero-Flex 360AF Glider

The patent-pending Aero-Flex 360AF Glider attaches below a trimmer’s rotating head and allows the operator to rest the trimmer on the ground, “lifting” the trimmer weight from the operator, thus reducing fatigue and effort while adding maneuvering control. As a result, the operator can freely mow and trim in all directions while controlling its adjustable cutting height. The Aero-Flex 360AF Glider system is engineered with precision bearings, allowing the operator to glide the multi-use tool (without skidding) on the grass surface by isolating the rotating head from ground contact. Bearings within the design eliminate the undesirable loss of control, as well as head abrasion wear, from ground contact. The Aero-Flex 360AF Glider attachment makes an ideal trimming and mowing tool for small residential plots, or where precision contour mowing is commercially required (golf courses, cemeteries, fences and posts, roadways and walkways).

Aero-Flex Technologies, Inc.