New Connected lawn allows landscapers to control, save water during drought

PlantLink, a wireless soil monitoring system by Oso Technologies, and GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, an internet-connected irrigation controller, partnered for the first time at the Irrigation Show in drought-afflicted Long Beach, Calf. to provide a total water solution for landscapers and contractors.

The two products work together to provide optimal moisture to a yard, when and where it is needed most. PlantLink sensors relay the moisture needs according to plant type and real-time conditions to GreenIQ, which connects to a controlled irrigation system. GreenIQ monitors local weather patterns, so if rain is coming soon, it can hold off watering the plants, automatically.

“PlantLink can work for one plant or many—indoors or out. Our partnership with GreenIQ allows our technology to do even more good for the earth by conserving water, and helps landscapers, home gardeners and contractors protect their investment,” said Mercedes Mane, CEO of Oso Technologies, maker of PlantLink.

GreenIQ PackageGreen IQ controls up to six zones. Once installed with PlantLink, it’s a self-contained system that results in healthier plants and tremendous water savings. GreenIQ is a certified WaterSense product, making the system eligible for rebates in many municipalities, including California.

“Freshwater is a finite resource, so it’s a shame to see sprinklers going off in the rain. Currently, Green IQ has saved our customers over 10,000,000 gallons of water,” said Odi Dahan, CEO of GreenIQ.

The new “connected” lawn and garden products from PlantLink and GreenIQ are available at Lowe’s and The Home Depot. For more information, visit or