In line with its commitment to bringing new, effective solutions to the agriculture and specialty markets including biorationals, SipcamAdvan and manufacturer Natural Industries are pleased to announce ActinoGrow and ActinoGrow T&O biological fungicides are OMRI Listed®.  The ActinoGrow products fit with organic or conventional production or turf management practices.  Featuring a naturally occurring active ingredient, ActinoGrow is an excellent IPM partner and offers reduced exposure and zero residue tolerances.

As customer preference for biorational and organic products continues to increase, SipcamAdvan is committed to developing a product line which delivers biorational products that perform on par or better than traditional chemical standards.  These products serve as alternatives or partners for growers to use in sustainable production practices.  The biorational line offers growers tools to manage maximum residue levels (MRLs), reduce AI load, maximize production from smaller acres and reduce the environmental impact of their operations while offering excellent disease control and plant health benefits.

“SipcamAdvan is excited to bring effective, differentiated solutions to distributors and growers.  As an OMRI Listed® product ActinoGrow is a key fungicide partner for growers, golf course superintendents and landscape professionals to use in the management of soil-borne diseases – whether they employ organic or traditional production practices,” said Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Adam Burnhams.