Exmark announced that all diesel-powered Lazer Z XS mid-mount zero-turn riding mowers in Exmark’s 2009 model year lineup will be biodiesel ready. The units are designed for B20 Biodiesel fuel. B20 comprises a mixture of 80 percent petroleum-based fuel and 20 percent biofuel, which is biodegradable and nontoxic. Biodiesel fuels and biodiesel blends burn cleaner than traditional petroleum fuel, as they produce fewer emissions.

“Exmark has many customers who are focused on reducing their carbon footprint,” said Mark Stinson, Exmark President and CEO. “As a leader and innovator in this industry, and as a company that prides itself on listening to our customers, we share those concerns. Our goal is to provide products that are environmentally responsible, yet still offer our customers maximum performance. The Lazer Z XS is a perfect example of that.”

Garry Busboom, Exmark Director of Research and Development, said using B20 to power the Lazer Z XS models does not negatively impact the productivity of the mower.

“Biodiesel and petroleum diesel fuel have similar performance benefits,”

Busboom said. “In fact, biodiesel fuels actually offer superior engine lubricity, potentially resulting in less equipment downtime.”

Biodiesel can be used in existing Exmark diesel-powered mowers with a few minor modifications. In addition, Busboom said, Exmark will continue to work with leading engine manufacturers to encourage the development of systems that can operate efficiently on other alternative fuels.

For more information about Exmark’s B20-approved units, visit www.exmark.com/biodiesel.