Stihl’s executive council and QuadMed team members held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Stihl’s new health and wellness center. Pictured in front of the new facility, left to right, are as follows: Scott Tilley, counsel and member of the executive council of Stihl Inc.; Karl Angler, vice president of finance for Stihl Inc.; Jennifer Reardon, receptionist/medical assistant; Stan Redwood, manager of benefit services for Stihl Inc.; Gloria Fernandez, registered medical assistant; Dr. Alpa Donato; Dr. Michael Simpson; Suzanne Robinson, family nurse practitioner; Lori Pementel, director of implementation for QuadMed; Peter Burton, vice president of sales and marketing for Stihl Inc.; Dr. Raymond Zastrow, chief medical officer for QuadMed; Dr. Bertram Kandziora, executive board chairman for the worldwide Stihl Group; Fred Whyte, president of Stihl Inc.; Peter Mueller, executive vice president for Stihl Inc.; and Blake Wilkerson, vice president of business development for QuadMed.On Nov. 7, 2011, Stihl Inc. opened the doors to a new health and wellness center for its employees near the company’s campus in Virginia Beach, Va. Located across the street from the main campus, the facility provides convenient access to high-quality health services, while lowering the cost of healthcare for its employees, as well as the company.

“At Stihl, we have built our success not only on our technological innovation but also by investing in our employees, providing quality jobs and programs that enhance their quality of life.” said Dr. Bertram Kandziora, executive board chairman for the worldwide Stihl Group, who dedicated the facility during his visit to the company. “Not only will this center provide healthcare savings for our employees and the company, it will be another resource to promote wellness for our employees and their families.”

Only Stihl employees will have access to the new facility at first, but the company plans to provide access to spouses and dependents after the first year. Use of the facility is not mandatory, but the option is available for employees who are interested in a co-pay lower than that of community-based health providers.

The Stihl health and wellness center will provide general medical services, primary and urgent care, lab work and immunizations, annual physicals, wellness programs and health education. In late 2012, Stihl anticipates adding physical therapy services.

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