New Howard Leight Accessories Improve Earmuff Convenience and Comfort

Howard Leight introduced two new accessories for its broad line of earmuffs: a Polar Hood, specifically designed to be worn with earmuffs, which ensures optimal attenuation for workers exposed to cold climates who also require hearing protection; and the Slim Belt Clip designed to provide handy storage when earmuffs are not in use.


Compatible with all Howard Leight earmuffs, the balaclava-style Polar Hood provides protection in cold climates while ensuring optimal earmuff attenuation. Patented side panels eliminate any gaps between the earcup and ear, forming a tight acoustic seal around the ears–without distorting sound or attenuation. Its weatherproof design provides warmth and protection; ideal for construction workers, oil/gas/petrochemical, food production and other workers exposed to cold weather conditions. A seal around the face prevents further exposure, and the adjustable design includes a front zipper for ventilation and a foldaway visor. Bright green trim enhances visibility and safety outdoors. The Polar Hood is available in two sizes, small/medium and large/extra large.


“The Slim Belt Clip solves a problem people seldom consider,” said Bessette. “For workers exposed to intermittent noise hazards, and especially for supervisors who are often in and out of noise hazard areas, keeping earmuffs handy and accessible can be a serious issue. The Slim Belt Clip solves their problem conveniently.”


The Slim Belt Clip is easy to attach to a belt or pants pocket. It has a low profile so it is not in the way when not in use, and is very lightweight. Earmuff headbands simply slip onto the underside of the clip and remain readily accessible when entering or experiencing hazardous noise.