New Rain Bird 1.5-inch commercial drip control zone kit with higher flow rate

Installing efficient drip irrigation at commercial sites can be challenging, with extensive drip zones that often require multiple valves, valve boxes and filters to accommodate higher flow rates. Now, Rain Bird is making these installations easier by introducing a new, fully assembled 1.5-inch inline commercial drip control zone kit with a 15-62 gpm flow rate to cover larger drip zones with fewer components.

“Our new control zone kit provides contractors and specifiers with an all-in-one solution that delivers convenience and savings to large drip zone installations,” said Ivonne Meza, product manager for Rain Bird’s Landscape Drip division. “It decreases installation time and costs by ensuring that all key components are included and properly assembled. By covering a larger drip zone with a single kit, fewer zones are required, as well as fewer valves and other components. Ultimately, it also takes less labor to install drip irrigation in that same area.”

Rain Bird’s new 1.5-inch inline commercial control zone kit features a 1.5-inch large-capacity screen filter, 1.5-inch PEB Globe valve and 1.5” 40 psi pressure regulator. These kits were engineered to minimize friction loss and preserve water pressure so the system can operate as intended. Thanks to the kit’s inline configuration, contractors can install two kits in a single jumbo valve box for lower labor costs and easier future maintenance. A reclaimed water version of the inline control zone kit is also available, featuring a purple identifier, spacer, scrubber globe valve (PESB-R) and disc filter.

“Choosing our new 1.5-inch inline commercial control zone kit for larger drip applications just makes good sense,” Meza added. “It eliminates the hassle of assembling a control zone kit from scratch, improves reliability, convenience and savings. It’s just another way that Rain Bird is helping make drip irrigation easier and more readily available for sites both large and small.”