Water managers can save time and energy with the Smart Harvest System, a new water harvesting management technology that is easier to install and service, easier for an end-user to manage and provides unparalleled performance.

“The design is so simple, and so much more effective than other, similar products that we are already seeing a lot of interest and adoption,” said Perry Hendricks, General Manager for Munro Systems.

The result of a technical collaboration between Ewing Irrigation Products and Munro Systems, the Smart Harvest System offers water managers several unique features and benefits:

The superior sensing technology of a submersible transducer is used in place of industry standard float switches, allowing for easy maintenance and level changes without entering the storage tank.

A best-in-class submersible pump offers noncorrosive construction, cool and quiet operation, and energy efficient operation for low maintenance and long life.

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows for the use of a 3-phase, 23-volt pump on a standard 12-volt energy source, providing for easy setting changes at the jobsite and maximizing efficiency and energy savings. The VFD can alter the frequency of a pump to reduce motor speed, flow and energy consumption, making it especially effective in low-flow situations.

A level processor enables easy level changes with access to multiple points of water connection; this allows the system to bypass a cistern if water levels are low and refill from an alternate water source.

An advanced control panel offers simple installation and operation with intuitive display controls and a variety of notification light options for clear and easy monitoring.

Manufactured for Ewing by Munro Systems, the economical, flexible Smart Harvest System is compatible with above ground, under ground or pond storage, and ideal for rainwater harvesting and other water harvesting applications.

“Ewing is a fantastic partner, and really understands the challenges and opportunities in offering innovative water management solutions,” said Hendricks.

The Smart Harvest System debuted at the Irrigation Association’s 2013 Irrigation Show & Education Conference.

The Smart Harvest System is exclusively available at any Ewing branch location.