The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved the new ANSI A300 (Part 8)-2013 Root Management standard, which seeks to improve the quality, life expectancy, and safety of trees by promoting and facilitating the care of roots.

The A300 Part 8 standard is a guide to writing good specifications on work, such as the following:

Trenching near a tree
Root pruning to mitigate tripping hazards and infrastructure damage
Managing stem-girdling and stem-circling roots

ANSI A300 standards are considered the final authority in civil courts and by most dispute arbitration systems. This A300 Part 8 standard takes precedence in the USA over previous tree care management standards and guidelines.

This standard will be available for the first time at TCI EXPO, TCIA’s annual trade show and conference, in Charlotte, NC (November 14-16, 2013).

For more information about these standards and details on how they can be ordered through TCIA, contact Bob Rouse, Vice President of Industry Standards & Credentialing, at 800-733-2622 or