Country Clipper recently unveiled its zero-turn mower lineup for 2013.

New zero-turn mowers from Country Clipper

Country Clipper recently unveiled its zero-turn mower lineup for 2013. The lineup consists of the following new and redesigned models:

* Wrangler: This compact, efficient residential mower combines a 22-hp. Kohler or 21.5-hp. Kawasaki engine with a 41-, 48- or 52-inch deck for traveling up to 7.5 mph and mowing up to nearly 4 acres per hour.

* Edge: The Edge is ideal for mid-sized homeowners seeking to be the envy of the neighborhood. It is available with a 21.5-hp. Kawasaki or 27-hp. Kohler engine for power and efficiency and a 48-, 52- or 60-inch cutting width to maneuver through narrow spaces or cover large areas of land with ease at up to 8 mph.

* Edge XLT: The big brother of the Edge, the Edge XLT is a residential machine with commercial features (24-hp. Kawasaki engine, 52- or 60-inch deck, articulating front axle and deck, and wide front step for easy on/off the mower). It is capable of mowing up to 4.75 acres per hour with speeds up to 8 mph.

* Challenger: The Challenger is an ideal fit for commercial and heavy-duty residential use. It is designed for durability and reliability for increased productivity and reduced downtime, while providing easy access to the underside of the deck, spindles and engine for necessary maintenance. It is offered with a 30-hp. Briggs & Stratton, 24-hp. Kawasaki or 27-hp. Kohler engine; a 52- or 60-inch deck; and travel speeds up to 9 mph.

* Charger: Back by popular demand, the Charger is a tough, long-lasting commercial mower. It pairs a 25.5-hp. Kawasaki or 27-hp. Kohler engine with a 52- or 60-inch deck for traveling at speeds up to 10 mph and mowing up to 6 acres per hour. It also has an articulating front axle and deck.

* Defender: Country Clipper’s engineers broke the mold when they designed the Defender. Starting with 26-inch drive tires, a wide wheel base and fuel tank placement under the seat, this commercial machine offers excellent holding capabilities, a smoother ride, and reduced turf damage. For operator comfort, the seat is designed with adjustable lumbar support and back and seat cushion angles, then mounted on vibration isolators with 3-inch travel suspension. The Defender is available with several engine options (25.5-hp. Kawasaki, 27-hp. Kohler, 35-hp. Kawasaki, or 29-hp. Kohler with electronic fuel injection); a 60- or 72-inch deck; and Hydro-Gear’s ZT-5400 powertrain drive system. It travels up to 12.5 mph.

All Country Clipper models are available with Point & Go joystick or twin-lever steering options. Standard on all models is Country Clipper’s patented stand-up deck that can be lifted to nearly 90 degrees for easy access to the underside of the deck, making regular cleaning and maintenance is easy. All commercial models and select residential models are equipped with an articulating front axle and deck. Both float independently of the frame for a manicured lawn, even on rough terrain.

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