NHLA professional development program Train the Trainer takes Miami

The National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA), in partnership with Ellen Ely of Landscape Training Solutions, will be hosting its Train the Trainer program from March 26 to March 29 in Miami, Florida.

The unique educational experience is designed to increase awareness and assessment skills, enhance the understanding of diverse learning styles and training techniques best suited to each, and elevate participant presentation skills. Train the Trainer has also helped participants acquire a greater self-awareness and helped them grow as leaders.

“Part of our mission is to facilitate conditions that promote greater professionalism and business success for Hispanics in the landscape industry, and Train the Trainer has been a proven vehicle for bringing about positive workforce development,” said Ralph Egües, executive director of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance. “The degree to which the human factor is well informed and positively motivated is a major key to success in our industry. Those who train and lead should be well prepared to do so by example and with an understanding of learning styles and social cues so that their efforts contribute to an enhanced work environment that inspires and informs a more competent workforce.”

Train the Trainer has a proven record of success in preparing past participants across the nation to become better trainers and leaders, and the program has not only contributed to the career advancement of participants, it has helped companies implement a more effective learning culture.

Marco Lavayen, operations manager at RulyScapes, Inc., participated in the NHLA’s last Train the Trainer program as a supervisor and found that he was able to apply the skills and techniques learned in the program to his day-to-day role. The experience transformed Lavayen’s awareness of how to bring about positive change at the company and the confidence and competency to become a change agent.

“Train the Trainer was a life-changing experience for me because I was able to develop my potential as a leader. My communications skills considerably improved as did the way I manage my team and interact with each team member. I learned more effective ways to pass on what I knew and the skills I had acquired to my team. I became a real teacher,” said Lavayen.

Raul Berrios, president at RulyScapes, Inc. shared that he witnessed the impact that the program had on Lavayen first-hand, and that he was impressed by his being increasingly forward thinking and more confident in his own problem solving abilities. Berrios says Lavayen’s leadership qualities have not only given way to his own personal success, but have trickled down and greatly improved the efficiency of his team.


“After Marco Lavayen’s Train the Trainer participation, I saw immense growth in him as an employee, as a leader and as a person, perhaps for the first time he saw not just a job, but a career opportunity and he has continued to grow and think outside of the box,” said Berrios. “Having had Marco attend the program has been one of the best investments RulyScapes has made for our entire workforce.”

Participation in the highly interactive program is limited. The $1,400 registration fee ($1,200 for NHLA members) includes training materials, lodging, meals and round-trip ground transportation from and to Miami International Airport (MIA).

For more information about the NHLA’s Train the Trainer program, or to register, please visit http://www.masverde.us/ttt.php.