NTEA announces commercial vehicle certification series

Continuing to serve as the work truck industry’s source of technical, regulatory and safety information, NTEA is releasing a three-part article series on vehicle certification basics. With the trend toward global chassis platforms progressing, the Association’s technical services department explains the certification process of three markets — the U.S., Canada and European Union (EU).

While all certification requirements have the same goal (ensuring safe and compliant vehicles), these three entities take different approaches. The distinctions in how certification is achieved are very important to final-stage manufacturers completing or altering a truck for use in any of those geographic regions.

“Our goal is to deliver relevant information to help companies in the work truck community conform to government mandates,” said Bob Raybuck, NTEA’s director of technical services. “Though vehicle certification standards between the U.S. and Canada are pretty closely aligned, the new article series highlights key steps in the certification process for each market. There are many unique EU processes which are also highlighted.”

The first article (currently featured in the August edition of NTEA News) explores the vehicle certification process in the U.S., and the remaining two will appear in the September and October issues.

Visit ntea.com/vehiclecertification to browse all of the Association’s certification resources and sign up for access to the series. NTEA members and nonmembers can request the series at no charge (digital format only).