Oldcastle Architectural has renamed its high-density, pre-finished architectural concrete masonry unit Cordova Stone to better represent its timeless aesthetic appeal and artisan, hand-cut appearance.

The rebrand is part of extensive research and development in artisan stone veneers. The adoption of the new name Cordova Stone, which signifies the end of the company’s sale of the product under the PRAIRIE® STONE mark, is intended to more accurately express the unit’s artisan aesthetic and natural stone beauty. The company plans to unveil additional artisan product offerings in the coming months under the Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers brand.

“The rename to Cordova Stone signifies a change in demand from designers and homeowners for a handcrafted look and feel,” said Len Browning, Oldcastle Technical Advisor. “The new name is reminiscent of walking the streets of a classic European city where hand-chiseled stone outfits every building. Cordova Stone delivers this old world look with the confidence that comes from quality manufacturing.”

Cordova Stone is ideal for an efficient installation, as it can be easily cut and shaped in the field. Other than routine cleaning with a standard commercial grade cleaning agent, Cordova Stone masonry units require virtually no maintenance and will last the lifetime of your building. Manufactured with a high-performance water repellent admixture, Cordova Stone masonry units repel moisture, resist mold and offer efflorescence stain resistance.