Oly-Ola Edgings Turns 30

Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc., a producer of premium-grade commercial paver restraint and landscape edging products, is celebrating 30 years of excellence. A lot has changed since the company first opened its doors; however, much remains constant. Oly-Ola maintains its focus by producing a complete line of premium, 100-percent-recycled poly/vinyl edging and paver products for landscape architects and contractors.

Oly-Ola Edging’s products remain entirely made in the United States. Oly-Ola is very selective of the 100-percent-recycled poly/vinyl in use today to ensure Oly-Ola’s long-lasting edging and paver restraints sustain customers’ high expectations. As Oly-Ola Edgings enters its fourth decade, the company looks forward to further innovation, developing new and even better ways for their customers to increase sales and create beautiful, imaginative and long-lived landscape and paver projects.

Oly-Ola Edgings’ is known for its customer service including its 15 Year 100% Plus Guarantee and Hassle Free Shipping policies.

Oly-Ola Edgings’ comprehensive line of high quality landscape edging, paver restraint and water garden edging products includes Oly-Ola’s L-shaped paver restraint – Bric-Edg and Bulldog-Edg; low-profile landscape edgings – Super-Edg, Slim-Edg and Stone-Edg; round top landscape edging products – Edg-King, Black-Edg Knight, Black Jack and Trim-Line; and water garden edging – Edg-Keeper for ponds.