While water management continues to be a primary concern for turf professionals, Precision Laboratories launched a Web-based application that determines water-saving soil surfactant options based on turf and soil type, climatic conditions, and irrigation and application practices.

The Water Logic App, www.waterlogicapp.com, is an easy-to-use tool that provides tailored solutions for specific soil conditions and is accessible on computers, smartphones and tablets. Users simply select their turf conditions or the problem they’re facing, along with application and irrigation method, among other factors. Based on their unique inputs and conditions identified, the Water Logic App provides a customized solution for their specific turf challenges.

“Our solution-based portfolio of soil surfactants is much more comprehensive than other competing brands,” said Don Spier, vice president of turf and ornamentals at Precision Laboratories. “Our line of Zone Surfactants address turf and soil type, climatic conditions, and application and irrigation practices. We integrated these conditions into the Water Logic App to provide turf professionals with greater control and increased flexibility based on their water management programs and their needs of soil hydration and water infiltration.”

The company’s portfolio of targeted soil surfactants, Precision Zone Surfactants, improve irrigation efficiency and reduce water use by addressing specific turf and soil conditions. The products offer a comprehensive and flexible set of water management solutions. Specifically, Precision Zone Surfactants offer multiple choices for changing conditions by utilizing the strengths of soil hydration and water infiltration.

For more information about the Water Logic App and how Precision Zone Surfactants can help you manage water more effectively, visit www.waterlogicapp.com, or contact your local distributor.